Explosion Proof I/P Transducers

For applications with natural gas media and others which require reliable and accurate explosion proof I/P transducers, our TXPD6000 Voice Coil I/P, E/P Transducer and TXI7800 / TXI7850 Piezo Ceramic I/P Pressure Transducers carry all FM, CSA, ATEX and IECEx agency approvals for years to worry free operation. The TXI8750 incorporates patented technology to provide a moisture resistant I/P unit.

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  • Voice Coil EP, E/P, I/P Pressure Transducers (TXPD6000)

    The TXPD6000 I/P transducer is a field reversible unit that provides an output directly or inversely proportional to the input signal. Its six available output pressure ranges and six available input signal ranges meet most process and machine requirements. The TXPD6000 Series is designed for precision applications providing maximum versatility. In this explosion proof NEMA 4X configuration, the TXPD6000 is approved by FM, CSA and ATEX and ready for your installation in hazardous duty.
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  • High Precision I/P Pressure Transducers (TXI7800)

    Designed for use in hazardous environments, the Fairchild TXI7800 series product is an explosion proof I/P pressure transducer. It operates under the same principles as the T7800 product; however the TXI series includes NEMA 4X explosion proof construction. Our design isolates the electronics chamber from the pneumatic section, thereby creating a safer and longer service life product, especially for applications handling natural gas. In the Extended Range units, the TXI7800 series will also deliver up to 0-120 psi [0-8.0 BAR], (0-800 kPa) output. The TXI7800 series is approved for hazardous use and carries FM. CSA, ATEX and IECEx approvals.
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  • Moisture Resistant I/P Pressure Transducers (TXI7850)

    Fairchild's TXI7850 I/P Pressure Transducer operates under the same basic principles as the TXI7800, yet improves upon the design. By encapsulating and otherwise protecting the critical components, Fairchild designed the Explosion proof TXI7850 I/P Pressure Transducer to be highly resistant to moisture within the supply air lines. Available in both standard and extended range configurations, the TXI7850 delivers vibration, shock and moisture resistance in output pressures up to 0-120 psi [0-8.0 BAR], (0-800 kPa). It carries full Agency Approvals, including FM, CSA and ATEX certifications.
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  • Explosion Proof P/I Pressure Transducers (TXI8000)

    Our TXI8000 P/I Transducer Series is a miniature two wire pressure device that converts a pneumatic input signal to a linearly proportional output current. It is field reversible and offers output choices of 4-20 mA or 10-50 mA. The TXI8000 Series is designed for precision applications providing maximum versatility. The TXI8000 Series may be configured as a Single or Dual Channel Unit. The Dual Channel Unit consists of two PC Boards that are enclosed within the same housing and function independently of each other. This unit may be offered in any one of the seven standard input pressure signals or in any combination.
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