High Performance Electronic Transducers

Whether you demand high accuracy, high pressure, high flow, fast response or “all of the above,” Fairchild has a complete line of high performance I/P, E/P Transducers to suit your application. From our new T9000 Pressure Controllers, to our 0.15% accuracy T7800 series, Fairchild I/P transducer models handle your toughest challenges.

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  • Lock in Place I/P Pressure Transducers (T6100)

    Uniquely designed by Fairchild, the T6100 "Lock in Last Place" I/P pressure transducer provides flexibility, reliability and safety in applications requiring protection from signal failures to critical control system instruments. Its simple yet effective voice coil actuation now Locks in "Last Position" to accurately capture the setpoint with extremely low drift after a power loss permits the T6100 to maintain set point. The unit's IP65 rating allows you to handle moist applications with ease. Design of the T6100 relies on a proprietary integrated solenoid valve module interposed between the flapper-nozzle pilot and the booster section. Upon signal failure, an electrical charge stored within the active electronic circuit controlling the integrated solenoid valve module maintains the current to the voice coil at its last setpoint. Simultaneously, a high energy pulse closes the solenoid valve, trapping the signal pressure within the signal chamber at the last setpoint. The booster continues to provide its normal forward and exhaust flow, with the constant signal pressure now captured and maintained within the signal chamber. Advanced valve orifice design of the T6100 increases its forward flow capacity to a minimum of 5-scfm at 21-psig supply pressure.
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  • Compact E/P, I/P Low Pressure Transducers (T7500)

    T7500 Series Low Pressure Proportional Valve

    The T7500 series low pressure transducer converts DC electronic input signal to a proportional low pressure pneumatic output. The transducer employs electronic closed loop feedback in conjunction with a piezoceramic actuator flapper nozzle system in the pilot stage to control the signal pressure of an integral pneumatic volume booster. The volume booster employs a highly sensitive control diaphragm and main valve to accurately control the flow of air to the downstream system in response to the pressure received from the pilot stage. The electronic closed loop feedback senses the output pressure of the volume booster directly to affect the ultimate in accurate pressure control.

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  • Electro-Pneumatic Pressure Controller (T9000)

    The Fairchild T9000 Series Electro-Pneumatic Pressure Controller has a closed-loop, integrated, microprocessor control system that regulates outlet pressure. The Model T9000 controls pressure in proportion to an analog electrical input signal. An internal feedback sensor monitors output pressure to achieve high accuracy. You can control the output from the Model T9000 using the keypad or from an analog control signal. You can control the output from the Model T9000D using the keypad and through DeviceNet™ Communication network. With its integral booster sections, the T9000 series of I/P pressure controllers delivers high accuracy at flow capacities of 1 SCFM in the T9000, 90 SCFM in the T9020, 110 SCFM in the T9040, 220 SCFM in the T9060, and 700 SCFM in the T9080.
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