Marshalsea Hydraulics

Founded in 1830 by Albert Marshalsea who manufactured horse-drawn carriages. Early 20th century diversified into motor car coachbuilding. During World War II maintained RAF aircraft. After the war, graduated into hydraulic systems for aircraft and guided missiles, and valves for the mining industry. In 1960 acquired a London-based company manufacturing hydraulic pumps. Specialized in hydraulic pumps and valves for the offshore oil and gas industry during the late 20th century. Creative product development led, for instance, to the innovative pressure intensifier. Market success led to investment in state-of-the-art, high precision automatic lathes. In 2008 became a member of the substantial Bifold Fluidpower group of companies.
Today, Marshalsea Hydraulics has an established reputation as a manufacturer and supplier to the international offshore oil and gas industry – which demands the very highest standards of engineering excellence and product performance. Marshalsea’s success results from the dedication and work of the highest quality provided by its staff engaged in both design and manufacturing. The design team which created the topside and subsea pressure intensifiers continue to be innovative in enhancing Marshalsea’s range of pumps and valves and, for instance, in developing the down-hole power pack featured on this website. The experienced manufacturing workforce has kept up-to-date with new skills to enable it to take advantage of the robotic tools now available to it. Quality control is taken extremely seriously, again with some state-of-the-art equipment to facilitate testing and rooting out any imperfections. Marshalsea Hydraulics is now a member of the Bifold Fluidpower group of companies. The resources of the Bifold Group are now available to ensure that innovation, product quality, and customer service will continue to underpin Marshalsea Hydraulics’ future prosperity.