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Automatic Drain Filters

Automatic Drain Filters have the following features and benefits:• Pre-filters remove water and dirt particles from air lines up to a maximum size of 5 microns. • Coalescing filters are available in 0.3 micron and 0.01 micron sizes to remove 99.9% of oil mist. • Maximum operating pressure of 150 psig. • Differential pressure automatic drain provided on 1/4" port, 5-micron pre-filter. Float type automatic drain provided on all others. • Easily replaceable filter element saves service time. • Die cast aluminum or zinc body with Polycarbonate bowl and metal guard assures safety and durability.
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The Fairchild Automatic Drain Filter Series is designed for use in systems that require clean, oil-free air. This series consists of a particulate filter and two coalescing filters with automatic drains. You can easily replace all filter elements. Automatic Drain Filters are highly effective in removing oil and liquid-borne particulate matter. These units are recommended for use when clean air or inert gas environments are required in laboratory air, process control, instrument and compressed air systems.