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Compact E/P, I/P Low Pressure Transducers (T7500)


  • 4 available output ranges
  • Accuracy as low as 0.15%
  • Field Reversible Feature.
  • RFI/EMI Protection.
  • Internal Electronic Feedback and Piezoelectric Actuator.
  • Damping Adjustment.
  • Split range operation.
  • NEMA 4X, Type 4 Enclosure and IP65 rated.
  • Compact size for use in restricted spaces


  • Tremendous versatility for application design
  • High precision reliable operation
  • Provides output inversely proportional to input signal.
  • Eliminates susceptibility to electromagnetic and radio interference.
  • Provides precise control of output pressure regardless of vibration or position.
  • Allows for optimum tuning response.
  • Allows common signal source control two or more functions.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor installations.
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T7500 Series Low Pressure Proportional Valve

The T7500 series low pressure transducer converts DC electronic input signal to a proportional low pressure pneumatic output. The transducer employs electronic closed loop feedback in conjunction with a piezoceramic actuator flapper nozzle system in the pilot stage to control the signal pressure of an integral pneumatic volume booster. The volume booster employs a highly sensitive control diaphragm and main valve to accurately control the flow of air to the downstream system in response to the pressure received from the pilot stage. The electronic closed loop feedback senses the output pressure of the volume booster directly to affect the ultimate in accurate pressure control.


Max Supply Pressure:
30 psig [2 BAR]
Max Output Pressure:
15 psig [1 BAR]
Flow Capacity:
7 SCFM (11.9 m3/HR)
0.25% F.S.