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High Precision Pressure Regulators (M10)


  • High Control Sensitivity of 1/8" water column
  • Pressure balanced supply valve
  • Separate control chamber
  • Aspirator tube design
  • Nine pressure ranges available
  • Check valve option
  • "No yellow Metals" option


  • Highest accuracy pressure regulator available
  • Prevents supply pressure changes from affecting the setpoint
  • Isolates diaphragm from flow to eliminate hunting and buzzing
  • Compensates downstream pressure droop under flow conditions
  • Select the range best suited for your application
  • Permits backflow of downstream pressure
  • Facilitates the handling of harsh media
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The Fairchild Model 10 is a precision pressure regulator designed for applications that require high performance and accurate process control. Stability of regulated pressure is maintained under varying flow conditions through the use of an aspirator tube which adjusts the supply valve in accordance with the flow velocity. The Model 10 features control sensitivity of 1/8" water column and a balanced supply valve to deliver consistent and reliable precision accuracy to maintain your desired set point regardless of supply pressure changes or conditions. The Fairchild Model 10 pressure regulator will handle a 500 psi, 34 BAR, maximum supply pressure and offers nine (9) output pressure ranges from 0-2 psi, 0-0.15 BAR, 0-15 kPa, up to 5-400 psi, 0.3-28 BAR, 35-2800 kPa. The Model 10 precision regulator offers 40 SCFM, 68 m3/hr flow capacity. Typical Part Numbers are 10212, 10222, 10232, 10242, 10252, 10262, 10272, 10282, 10292, 10233, 10243, 10253, 10263, 10273, 10283, 10293

Max Supply Pressure:
500 psig [35 BAR]
Max Output Pressure:
400 psig [28 BAR]
Flow Capacity:
40 SCFM (68 m3/HR)
0.10 psi (typ)