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High Pressure Regulator (HPP)


  • High Supply Pressure of 6000 psig
  • Three Seat Material Choices (PEEK, CTFE, Vespel)
  • Tamper Proof Option
  • Three Pressure Ranges Available
  • Ambient Temperature range of -40F to 500F
  • Panel Mounting Option


  • Allows for more through put of gas
  • Offers a variety of choices for compatibility and temperature ranges
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High Pressure Precision Regulator (HPP)
The Rotork Fairchild HPP is a High Pressure Regulator designed for applications that have high supply pressures and require a much lower output pressure. The HPP pressure regulator is constructed of rugged 316L Stainless Steel for corrosion resistance and durability. The HPP is available in a 2 or 4 port configuration. The Fairchild HPP pressure regulator will handle a 6000 psi, 414 BAR, maximum supply pressure and offers four (3) output pressure ranges from 0-1000 psi, 0-68.9 BAR, 0-6,890 kPa, up to 0-3000 psi, 0-206.8 BAR, 0-20,680 kPa. The HPP high pressure regulator also offers a supply valve Cv of 0.06. The Rotork Fairchild HPD incorporates a new patented valve and valve seat to prevent leakage, which commonly occurs with high supply pressures.

Max Supply Pressure:
6000 psig [414 BAR]
Max Output Pressure:
3000 psig [ 206.8BAR]
Flow Capacity:
Cv 0.06