Lever Operated Pressure Regulator (M3400)


  • Lever mechanism actuation
  • Regulator is sensitive to 1/2" Water Column
  • Balanced Supply Valve
  • Aspirator Tube
  • Soft Supply and Exhaust Seats
  • Flow of up to 50 SCFM with 100 psig Supply
  • Separate Control Chamber isolates the diaphragm from the main flow
  • Unit construction
  • Short Lever Stroke over full pressure range


  • Easy to use for throttle or panel mounted control
  • Permits use in precision applications.
  • Minimizes the effect of supply pressure variation.
  • Minimizes downstream pressure droop under flow conditions.
  • Minimizes air consumption.
  • Designed for applications with high flow requirements.
  • Eliminates hunting and buzzing.
  • Permits servicing without removing from line.
  • Allows rapid change in pressure for small mechanical movement
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The Fairchild Model 3400 Lever Operated pressure Regulator is designed to allow rapid changes in pressure settings at control stations and test panels. This high quality unit, capable of handling high flows and exhausts combines positive control with good sensitivity. The Model 3400 Pneumatic Lever Operated Regulator is the combination of a Model 1000 High Flow Pressure Regulator and a hand held operated lever mechanism with 120 degree maximum travel. The Model 3400, offered in four (4) different pressure ranges, is recommended for use in systems requiring the execution of hand operated pressure control such as the control of a throttle in an engine or engine room. The regulator is the logical choice for rapid, "hands on" control in a variety of applications, including construction machinery, industrial and oil rig equipment, and cylinder operation.

Max Supply Pressure:
250 psig [17 BAR]
Max Output Pressure:
150 psig [10 BAR]
Flow Capacity:
50 SCFM (85 m3/HR)
0.3 psi (typ)