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M63N NRO175 compliant filter regulator

New Fairchild model 63N NACE NRO175 compliant filter regulator is a service regulator for severe service conditions for sulfide stress crack resistant materials for oil field and associated equipment. This model offers an integral 5-micron filter within its drip well bowl and offers the highest flow capacity of any regulator in its class. In addition, the Model 63N NACE features control sensitivity of 1" water column and an integral relief valve to deliver consistent and reliable performance to maintain the desired set point regardless of supply pressure changes or conditions. The Fairchild Model 63N NACE will handle 300 psi, 20 BAR, maximum supply pressure and offers three (3) output pressure ranges from 0.5-30 psi, 0.03-2 BAR, 3-200 kPa, up to 2-120 psi, 0.14-8 BAR, 14-800 kPa and up to 25 SCFM, 42.5 m3/hr flow capacity. This model also has a Canadian Registration (CRN) for all territories and provinces.