Manifold Kits for T6000, T7800 and T7950 Transducers Current to Pneumatic (I/P or E/P)

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The Manifold Kits for the T6000, T7800 and T7950 Series Transducers are available for mounting 3, 5, 10 or 15 transducer units. These manifolds have a common supply port to all the transducers. Internal check valves in the inlet and outlet ports permit the installation and removal of individual transducers without affecting other units on the manifold. Supply port connections are provided on the end and rear of the manifold. Outlet ports are located on the rear and bottom of the manifold. Mounting brackets for flush or extended mounting from the back wall are available. These options allow the user to select the combination of supply ports, outlet ports and mounting configurations to maximize usage of available space.