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Mini-Panel Loading Stations

Mini Panel Loading Station Details

  • Low air consumption reduces air usage and cost.
  • Horizontal or vertical gauge scales available to suite master panel layout.
  • Mounting brackets attached for easy installation into master panel.
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Models MPL-70 and MPLT-70 Mini-panel Loading Stations transmit and monitor a pressure signal for pneumatic instrumentation. These loading stations are ideally suited for applications with limited space. The Model MPL-70 includes a Model 70B Pneumatic Subminiature Regulator and a mini-strip gage to set and read pressure at the panel. The MPLT-70, with the Transfer Function, includes a Model 70B Pneumatic Subminiature Regulator, an automatic or manual switch, and an additional mini-strip gage to monitor the process in automatic mode or change pressure settings in manual mode. Turn the adjusting knob in the loading station panel in a clockwise direction to increase output pressure or in a counterclockwise direction to decrease output pressure.