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Motorized High Pressure Regulator (24XFM)


  • Output pressure locks in last position in event of power failure or signal loss.
  • Stepper Motor equipped configuration
  • Standard xplosion-proof NEMA 4X housing
  • End of travel limit switches


  • Safe, predictable and reliable operation
  • Capable of rapid start-stop with high running torque enables use in open loop control and automated systems
  • Designed for use in hazardous or harsh environments
  • User selectable setting of minimum and maximum pressure values
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The 24XFM M/P Converter is a Motor Driven Pneumatic Regulator with motor assembly enclosed in a explosion proof housing. The motor is coupled to a no-bleed Model 10 pneumatic regulator assembly to provide the desired operating pressure range for any application. The 24XFM requires a 12-24 VDC power supply and has the option of DC Pulse or DC Analog input. The Fairchild 24XFM motorized regulator line will handle a 500 psi, 35 BAR maximum supply pressure and offers four (4) different set point pressure ranges from 0-30 psig [0-2 bar], to 0-150 psig [0-10 bar].

Max Supply Pressure:
500 psig [35 bar]
Max Output Pressure:
150 psig [10 bar]
Flow Capacity:
60 SCFM @ 100 psig Supply