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Stainless Steel Back Pressure Regulator (M66BP)


  • Stainless Steel and Fluorocarbon
  • Control sensitivity to 1" water column
  • Large Control Diaphragm area
  • Valve Damper system
  • Line or Panel Mounting


  • Compatible with corrosive materials and environments and will not contaminate media
  • Allows use in high precision applications.
  • Increased sensitivity for higher accuracy.
  • Eliminates hunting and buzzing.
  • Provides flexibility for installation.
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The Fairchild Model 66BP is a stainless steel precision back pressure regulator for high performance applications with corrosive environments and/or high temperatures. The Model 66BP Stainless steel housing and internals, along with its fluorocarbon elastomers are compatible with a wide range of corrosive materials and difficult operating environments. The Fairchild Model 66BP features control sensitivity of 1" water column to deliver consistent and reliable precision accuracy to maintain your desired set point regardless of system pressure changes or conditions. The Fairchild Model 66BP back pressure regulator will handle a 150 psi, 10 BAR maximum system pressure and offers five (5) set point pressure ranges from 0-10 psi, 0-0.7 BAR, 0-70 kPa up to 2-150 psi, 0.15-10 BAR, 15-1000 kPa.

Max Supply Pressure:
500 psig [35 BAR]
Max Output Pressure:
150 psig [10 BAR]
Flow Capacity:
17 SCFM (28.9 m3/HR)
0.3 psi (typ)