Model 4800A Forward/Exhaust High Flow No Bleed Pneumatic Volume Booster with Bypass Valve

Part Number: M4800A

Model 4800A Forward/Exhaust High Flow No Bleed Pneumatic Volume Booster with Bypass Valve

Model M4800A is a High Flow Pneumatic Volume Booster specifically designed for Valve and valve actuation systems. With its Cv of 9 in both forward and exhaust modes, this pilot operated booster provides fast response and accurate control for valve actuation. In addition, the M4800A has an integral bypass valve, for optimum tuning and adjustment, even while in operation, to obtain maximum performance on opening and closing times with minimal overshoot or oscillation. In its pilot operated regulator design, the M4800A handles up 250 psig, [17.0 BAR], (1700 kPa) supply pressure and delivers an output pressure up to 150 psig [10.0 BAR] (1000kPa). The Fairchild Model 4800A Booster provides a flow capacity of 500 SCFM (850 m3/HR), which equates to a Cv factor of approximately 9 in both forward and exhaust modes.


  • Cv = 9; Flow capacity of 500 SCFM (850 m3/HR)
  • Ratio accuracy of 0.5%
  • Fixed deadband between the operation of the supply valve and exhaust valve
  • Integral bypass needle valve
  • Soft seat supply and exhaust valves
  • Pressure balanced supply valve
  • Damped diaphragm control chamber
  • Two accessory ports connected to the outlet chamber
  • Tapped exhaust port


  • Fast response for quick valve opening and closing times
  • Highly accurate valve control for your system
  • Provides accurate and stable final positioning of the valve
  • Optimizes response time and stability
  • Provide efficient leak free operation and prevents hunting, especially when used with modern electronic feed & bleed type valve positioners
  • Maintains deadband specification preventing changes in control characteristics when supply pressure changes
  • Protects valves from damaging oscillation under high flow conditions
  • Provide convenient access to the outlet for additional control accessories and pressure monitoring
  • Allows for easy collection of exhaust air or use of a silencer


M4800A - Specifications (663.72 KB) M4800A - Installation, Operation and Maintenance Instructions (428.6 KB)
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