Model T6100 Lock in Place I/P Pressure Transducer

Part Number: T6100

Model T6100 Lock in Place I/P Pressure Transducer

Uniquely designed by Rotork Fairchild, the T6100 "Lock in Last Place" I/P pressure transducer provides flexibility, reliability and safety in applications requiring protection from signal failures to critical control system instruments. Its simple yet effective voice coil actuation now locks in "last position" to accurately capture the setpoint with extremely low drift after a power loss permits the T6100 to maintain set point. The unit's IP65 rating allows you to handle moist applications with ease. Design of the T6100 relies on a proprietary integrated solenoid valve module interposed between the flapper nozzle pilot and the booster section. Upon signal failure, an electrical charge stored within the active electronic circuit controlling the integrated solenoid valve module, maintains the current to the voice coil at it's last set point. Simultaneously, a high energy pulse closes the solenoid valve, trapping the signal pressure within the signal chamber at the last setpoint. The booster continues to provide its normal forward and exhaust flow, with the constant signal pressure now captured and maintained within the signal chamber. Advanced valve orifice design of the T6100 increases its forward flow capacity to a minimum of 5-scfm at 21-psig supply pressure.


  • Locks in "last position"
  • Extremely low drift after power loss
  • IP65 rated
  • Single part number specification
  • Moisture resistant PCB and zinc coated components


  • Accurately captures setpoint if power is lost
  • Permits transducer to maintain set point
  • Unit handles moist applications
  • Makes it easy to specify and cover all your needs
  • Superior construction for moisture resistance in tough applications


T6100 - Specifications (415.56 KB) T6100 - Installation, Operation and Maintenance Instructions (882.95 KB)
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