Pressure Regulators
Fairchild's wide selection satisfies your instrument or industrial control applications.  Fairchild pneumatic regulators are available as: precision, back pressure, miniature, filter service, stainless steel, motorized, low pressure and specialty.
New Products

T9000 Series Pressure Controller

Fairchild's T9000 Series Electro-Pneumatic Pressure Controller has a closed-loop, integrated, microprocessor control system. The T9000 series delivers high accuracy at flow capacities.

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Model 55 Minature Pressure Regulator

The Fairchild Model 55 is a Compact Precision Polymer Pressure Regulator for high performance applications where space or weight may be limited or material compatibility concerns dictate use of a polymer construction regulator.

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M4900A Volume Booster

Fairchild’s M4900A is a High Flow Pneumatic Volume Booster designed for high precision applications. This pilot operated booster provides fast response, very low deadband and high precision control.

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HPP High Pressure Regulator

The HPP pressure regulator is constructed of rugged 316L Stainless Steel for corrosion resistance and durability. The Fairchild HPP pressure regulator will handle a 6000 psi, 414 BAR, maximum supply pressure and offers four (3) output pressure ranges from 0-1000 psi, 0-68.9 BAR, 0-6,890 kPa, up to 0-3000 psi, 0-206.8 BAR, 0-20,680 kPa.

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High Pressure 24XFM Motorized Regulator

Fairchild's 24XFM Motorized Regulator is designed for high pressure gas applications, supply pressure up to 500 psi and outlet pressures up to 150 psi.

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HPD High Pressure Regulator

The Rotork Fairchild HPD is a High Pressure Regulator designed for applications that have high supply pressures and require a lower output pressure. The HPD pressure regulator will handle a 6000 psi maximum supply pressure.

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Valve Automation Switch Boxes

Rotork Instruments now has a full line of Valve Automation Switch Boxes for general purpose, Intrinsically safe or explosion proof applications.

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Model 11 and 11BP Low Pressure Regulators

Introducing our new Low Pressure High Precision Pneumatic Regulators, providing high accuracy with flow capacities up to 27 SCFM.

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Low Emission TXI7850 I/P

Rotork Fairchild's New Explosion Proof TXI7850 Low Emission I/P Pressure Transducer operates under the same basic principles as the standard TXI7850, yet improves upon fugitive emissions of natural gas.

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Fairchild's fast response, high flow, compact I/P, E/P, D/P & P/I electro-pneumatic transducers have extensive combinations of inputs and outputs, carry standard FM, CSA, ATEX or IECEx agency approvals, and maintain accuracies of 0.25% or 0.5%.
18 Month Warranty - Two Year Warranty - One to Two Week Deliveries on Standard Products
Volume Boosters
Fairchild's pneumatic volume boosters feature high flow capacity and fast response with Cv ratios from 1 up to 18, with flow capacities of 45 SCFM, 76.5 m3/hr up to 1800 SCFM, 3058 m3/hr. 
Fairchild's extensive line of pneumatic relays serves a multitude of control applications with: positive biasing, positive and negative biasing, infinitely adjustable ratio, reversing, averaging and computing, high and low pressure selectors, and high and low pressure limiting relays.
Filters and Accessories

Fairchild accessories complement our complete line of control products.  Transducer manifold and rack mounting kits, pressure gages, panel loading stations, and filters offer high quality and precision.

New Products

M17 vacuum Regulator, M72 High Performance Mini-regulator, M4100 Low Pressure Regulator, T1750 High Performance I/P Transducer, T6100 Lock in Position I/P Transducer, New P/I Pressure Transmitters
Power Transmission

SPECON manufactures PIV chain drive transmissions, planetary gearboxes and can repair or provide replacement units for SPECON®, CUBIC® or even other manufacturers’ products, such as those made by Rexnord® or Link Belt®
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